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* I think that's all. But, please notice me if I use your stuff and you don't see your name on the list, just in case :"). Thanks!


[ 21.9.2014 ]

I haven't updated anything since like forever.


It's been about 2 years for me being a TOKIO fan. And I'm always thankful for that. Please, have a great anniversary and always stay the same as 5 lovely old men.


Because I feel like posting something today.
Because I haven't updated lj like forever.
Because I've enjoyed twitter too much lately.

But still, happy birthday XDD.


Feb. 19th, 2013

In a Lord of the Rings mood since yesterday, especially when Oscar is coming in like 6 days.

Across the sea
A pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home~

Ah, I miss Middle-Earth. Hope my lovely Lord of the Rings boxset will arrive soon <3.



This groups has lasted 17 years. 17 years, and still counting. Please, always be crazy, dorky and lovely like you've always been, never ever change, TOKIO <3


Sep. 8th, 2012

Happy birthday, dear Virgo <3.
And I'm getting older :p


2 old psds. It's been a loooooong while since I last shared some psds also :p.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us >>> Photobucket

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1. TOKIO new album and live tour XDDDDDDDDDDDD. It's an old news but I'm still soooooooooo excited XDDDDD [ and Federer's win last night marked his 7th Wimbledon and 17th grand slam title doesn't help either LOL ]. 6 years, for a new album, that's really is too long. And how I wish I could go to their concert :(. Want to say Happy Birthday directly to them, want to sing "Love you only" :(. Hope that there'll be a DVD after this tour [ even when I might not have enough money to buy it LOL ].

2. Go through my youtube account and found this <33

This video is soooo lovely. Exactly the reason why I love J-friends that much. Weird, dorky, lovely, crazily, incredibly hilarious. And more than that is their extremely close bond :D. I don't think that there will be another unit that is as close as J-friends. And there won't. These 13 old men are unique. Ahhh, I want to see them get together again [ miss the 03 - 04 countdown so muchhhh ].

Jun. 17th, 2012

Well, it's still 06.17 in Vietnam. So, happy birthday to a so-called 29-year-old Nino XD. Wishing him all the best of the best on his birthday.

2 old headers, since I don't have time to make something new this year :|.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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I'm baaaaaaaaack XD.
My student life officially ended yesterday. And my graduation thesis got 9 points, which is kinda good I think.